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King's Indian database repertoire by GM Delchev

King's Indian database repertoire by GM Delchev

Every 1.d4 chess player must find a reliable weapon against the Kings Indian Defence. Even though we live in a modern time where chess is dominated by computer programs, this opening gains popularity. The arising positions are extremely complex and double-edged. That is the reason why this is the favorite opening of creative players like Kasparov, Radjabov and Nakamura. Their games are rich of brilliant attacks against the White king.

Of course, chess knows great anti-Kings Indian players, too. When looking back at the past, we can mention the names of players like Petrosian and Korchnoi, while nowadays Tomashevsky and Kramnik are the first players that come to our mind.

The repertoire that GM Alexander Delchev suggests is based on one of the ideas of Vladimir Kramnik. In his game against Nakamura, played in London in 2014, he played an extremely interesting novelty that made him change his mind about the Petrosian variation. Of course, within the framework of his course, he covers the most often played deviations in order to constuct a complete repertoire for White.